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2 Item(s)

Virtual Reality gaming is an ever-expanding bracket. You would be forgiven for seeing those words and thinking of PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but console gaming is just one small arm of the Virtual Reality universe. Most people engage with VR and AR through their smartphones. Therefore, the mobile sector is the real home of Virtual Reality gaming. In addition to our extensive range of VR headsets and glasses, we also have earphones and Bluetooth controllers to help you to maximise your Virtual Reality Gaming experience.

With an official partnership with STEALTH VR, Gizmo Bulldog has everything you need for you to buy a VR headset. If you are a mobile virtual reality novice; the VR50 is the perfect introductory smartphone VR headset to start your multi-dimensional journey. Fancy yourself as a smartphone VR seasoned pro? The must have VR200 premium mobile VR headset provides comfort and high quality lenses to enhance your mobile Virtual Reality gaming experience.

Take your Smartphone VR experience anywhere with the compact STEALTH VR Pocket, this foldable Mobile VR headset lets you take your immersive gaming anywhere and as the name suggests, fits into your pocket, so storage isn’t a worry! Whatever your style, the STEALTH VR smartphone VR headset range is sure to fit your fashion, with a number of colours and styles available you won’t need to worry about how you look whilst immersing yourself in the very best the Mobile VR world has to offer

With STEALTH VR you don’t just buy a VR Headset, with every smartphone VR headset purchased you are welcomed into the STEALTH VR community. Available at the community of thousands includes app and video suggestions so the Virtual fun will never end. Customer support is always available with a dedicated team ready to help you with anything from suggestions of the best VR apps available on the market now to the most effective way to use your Smartphone VR Headset for the most immersive experience.

Before you buy your VR Headset please check the compatibility with your Smartphone. ***Current smartphones with gyroscope and accelerometer have the capability to run Virtual Reality. The recommended phone size for the best Mobile VR experience are between 4-6inches – this applies to all of the STEALTH VR models. Plus models may be larger and not suitable for these Smartphone VR Headsets***