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Official partnerships with STEALTH and STEALTH VR mean that you have the chance to buy the latest gaming accessories and Mobile VR Headsets first giving our customers the competitive edge. The STEALTH gaming brand provides accessories for both the casual and high-level gamer. STEALTH have a full range of products for all formats including; Nintendo Switch, XBOX ONE, Playstation 4, Mobile and Tablet.

The STEALTH SX-01 Stereo gaming headset is designed for comfort and endurance, for an extended XBOX ONE gaming experience, letting the fun last longer without any discomfort. The slick design and functionality has been praised in the United Kingdom with an average rating of 4.6/5 Stars on customer generated reviews.

The STEALTH XBOX ONE range of Gaming Headset will be compatible with the latest edition of the XBOX family, the XBOX ONE X™, due to be released in November 2017, so you can buy now and be ready for the release!

Gizmo Bulldog has everything you need for you to buy a VR headset. If you are a Mobile VR novice; the VR50 is the perfect introductory smartphone VR headset to start your multi-dimensional journey. Fancy yourself as a smartphone VR seasoned pro? The must have VR200 premium mobile VR headset provides comfort and high quality lenses to enhance your mobile VR gaming experience. Take your Smartphone VR experience anywhere and buy the compact STEALTH VR Pocket, this foldable Mobile VR headset lets you take your immersive gaming anywhere and as the name suggests, fits into your pocket, so storage isn’t a worry!

Check out the latest releases from STEALTH with the Nintendo Switch™ range, everything you need to immerse yourself into gaming on the go.